Just Call Me The Frog Princess

10:36 PM

Because that's all I've done for two days of knitting.... *sigh*

I'm attempting to knit some washcloths for my grandmother. I've got one done. It's cute. I used this pattern and knit it in Bernat's Cottontots yarn (lovely lilac). It went so well, I launched right into washcloth number two last night. Same type of yarn, only in sunshine rather than lovely lilac. Choosing a pattern, though... Yikes.

It's normal to start in on a pattern and just not like how it's coming out. So you frog and start over. I think I did this about five times last night. I finally settled on this pattern, and really liked the way the simple lace pattern looks with this nice, plush cotton yarn. However, after knitting several rows, I realized it wasn't symmetric. It wasn't asymmetric either. It was just, well, WRONG. So, rip, rip, rip, and back to bare needles. I altered the pattern so that the cloth is now symmetric, but when I started this evening, I did two rows with totally incorrect decreases. When I took out the offending rows, I was missing a stitch. It was not to be found anywhere. So, with much chagrin I ripped everything out and am now at about the same place I was last night before putting the damned washcloth down and going to bed.

Since I'm obviously on some sort of roll, I'm considering frogging the moss stitch baby blanket. I like it less every time I look at it. No border. Goofy gauge change. I don't know that it's completely hopeless, but it certainly doesn't give me much enjoyment. I like the yarn, and I like the idea of a moss stitch baby blanket, but I really don't like this particular baby blanket. I think I'm going to do it. I suppose that's one way to get items off of my unfinished objects list!

When I finish the Blue Lagoon Blanket, I think I'll give a moss stitch blanket another go. I'd like to knit it like a "grandmother's favorite" dishcloth, only in moss stitch rather than in garter or stockinette. What do you think?

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