Like a record, baby

1:29 PM

Do you see? Isn't it wonderful? This, my friends, is my new drop spindle. Courtesy of LauraJ, the great enabler. To continue the enabling trend, we are going to go to The Elegant Ewe after work today to buy more roving so that I can practice. Oh, and to generally misbehave and probably purchase things that neither of us require at this point in time. Needless to say, I am not focused on cataloging or on providing research assistance to anyone who may call. Nor am I thinking about the Sunday School lessons I'll have to put together tomorrow for use on Sunday. I'm thinking about playing with my new spindle and how much fun it may or may not be with kitty-cat help.

If you look closely you can see my first feeble attempts at spinning. It's very unimpressive. But we all must begin somewhere. I am apparently at the low edge of the learning curve. I will, however, keep in mind my grandmother's stories about the first sweaters she knit. By the time I was receiving gifts of sweaters, the woman produced heirloom quality garments. Beautiful, elaborate Norwegian sweaters. "The first one I made was so tight your grandfather couldn't even put it on." But, apparently, she kept plugging away until she got it right. It's a shame that she had stopped knitting by the time I had stopped growing as beautiful sweaters I had were all more than one child...and then shipped off to Good Will or yard sales.

Should I fail to post over the weekend, think of me fondly--living in the house once owned by this same grandmother--swearing at my ineptitude as I spin right round.

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