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Yep. This about sums it up for me today. I'm moody and morose and not even knitting seems to help. So, it seems I have only a few choices left to me. I chose this one: comfort food. Now. For some people, comfort food consists of things like macaroni and cheese or ravioli from a can. (This is, in fact, what I resort to when in the absolute depths of despair. Thankfully, I'm not there yet.) I tried to be a bit more epicurean--particularly since I had to feed The Beloved and Resident Sibling (who had the audacity not to show up for dinner). The results of my labors?

Yessiree, I roasted me a chicken. My sainted mother once told me a very important secret about cooking that I will share with all of you now: The meals people like best are frequently the simplest to prepare. And it's true. It doesn't get much easier than roasting a chicken. Here's what I did. I poured some salt inside the body cavity and rubbed it down. I basted the chicken with butter (you could use olive oil if you wanted to cut out some of the saturated fat, but I'm moping--butter was necessary) and rubbed the outside with some poultry seasoning and Adobo (sin pimenta--the blue cap). I cooked it upside down for 20 minutes at 450; flipped it right side up and cooked it for another 20 minutes at 450; basted it again; turned the heat down to 375 and left it until the little timer popped. Based on The Beloved's reaction, you'd think I attended Le Cordon Bleu.

We had some mediocre bread stuffing and some broccoli to accompany the chicken. I'm not much of a bread stuffing girl myself--but The Beloved likes it. Next time, I think I'll go all out and make my mother's rice dressing (which I love and toward which The Beloved is ambivalent).

Unfortunately, I had to scarf dinner and run off to a meeting. We discussed the Millennium Development Goals. In all fairness, they discussed MDG and I knit on The Beloved's Blankie. Considering I haven't picked it up in several weeks, it's coming along nicely. I got a few rows done, so the evening wasn't a complete loss. Regrettably, the picture does not do it justice. Not that the blankie is all that and a bag of chips, mind you--it's a relatively simple feather and fan sort of thing made of the finest Red Heart Acrylic. But the color looks very washed out here. It's actually Claret in color--a lovely deep red/maroon. I think it looks very manly--well, for a blankie, that is.

And, even though it wasn't chilled when I partook of the fruit of my cooking labors, The Beloved picked up a bottle of vino on his way home from work. The upside: It was absolutely perfect by the time I returned home from the meeting. So, whatever the cooking and knitting didn't cure, I hope to fix with this and a nice bath. Cheers to you all!

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