Here comes the sun

12:23 PM

Spring has sprung--I think. Today it seems a bit more like we skipped over spring and went straight to summer, but since it isn't cold and rainy, I don't feel as though I should complain.

To celebrate, I did what any red-blooded American girl would do--I got a haircut and bought shoes.

Aren't they cute? I went in looking for sandals. But these were on sale. They were calling to me. They're green and pink and absolutely oozing spring-ness. They're also imminently more practical for work. (Have you ever dropped a good-sized book on your foot whilst wearing sandals? Take it from me--it's not fun.) And, did I mention, they were on sale? OK. I'm done rationalizing. However, the fact that I really don't have any sandals to speak of since the cat puked on my Tevas at some point in the past month and I've only just discovered it is plaguing me just a little. I've got to have another pay period coming up soon, right?

Since I haven't mastered the art of photographing myself, you don't get to see the haircut. Too bad! It's actually not any different from how I've been wearing my hair for the past four months--it's just two inches shorter, which managed to get rid of all the dead, fuzzy ends. If I was together enough to blow dry my hair before work, it would look sleek and straight. Instead, it looks acceptable, and less crappy than last week. The haircut was a bit of an adventure. I went someplace new, which was only a little terrifying. My previous hairdresser is a wonderful woman. She's been cutting my hair for about five years now. Unfortunately, we've moved, and it just seemed silly with the price of gas to drive half an hour away, particularly since, as The Beloved so eloquently stated, we moved to "the cultural center of New Hampshire."

So, I made myself an appointment at Portsmouth Spa, "Portsmouth's fun spa." It's a cute enough little place, and the woman who cut my hair was not only competent (which is always wonderful), but a good listener. Now, I'm not one who talks and pours out my life story to the poor soul charged with cutting the disaster that is my hair (that's why I have a blog, you see), but there are few things that drive me crazier than being granted a lovely hairstyle that requires more upkeep than washing it and drying it straight. Particularly when I say, "I am hair-challenged. Please do not ask me to do anything more with this than blow dry it." She also listened to my growing concerns regarding my current color--or lack thereof. And provided multiple options. So, next month I will go back and, God willing, she will use her magical skills to make my gray less obvious.

Regarding the spa itself, I will likely go back and avail myself of some of their other services. Once my hair color is determined, I'll get my brows shaped and tinted--an expenditure that The Beloved feels is equivalent to my flushing money down the toilet, but I insist makes me look "polished." The only downside? One of the hairdressers is a guy with whom I attended high school. This is one of the hazards of moving back to your hometown, I suppose. No matter where you go someone knows who you are. Anonymity no longer exists....which, ordinarily, is a good thing. But sometimes a little anonymity is a good thing when your head is covered with chemicals and foils in the never-ending fight against premature signs of age....

The weekend wouldn't be the weekend without knitting. I knit on the Dream Swatch. Outside. In the center of town. While drinking a latte. And shooting the breeze with the other locals (seriously--I saw a guy from my church, the priest from the other Episcopal church in town who filled in for us while ours was out on paternity leave at Christmastime, and a couple of other folk who have known me since I was knee-high to a grasshopper). It was pretty sweet. Then I finished a dishcloth. I also did a little work on Haiku, particularly since its future owner came to dinner on Saturday night and allowed me to measure her arms and torso. If I finish the sweater soon, it may actually fit her. And, the baby cardi/kimono finally went off to its new home--right in time for the 80 degree weather. Last, but not least, I knit my first "Magic 28" sock. It's very cute...but a little pointy. I'll need to do something different with the toes for the next pair. But, it makes me happy to think of this sock keeping some little child's foot warm. I think it was just what I needed to get me out of my slump. I'm now ready to finish off some of my languishing projects (I'm talking about you, Dream Swatch)--if only to knit more teeny-tiny socks.

Pictures to follow...I am currently sans camera, but will rectify the situation with a nice picture-heavy post later today or tomorrow.

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