In which Saisquoi decides maturity is highly overrated

8:51 PM

I've spent my Sunday doing very mature, adult things. I went to church this morning for Palm Sunday. I finally got the guest list for Easter dinner--we'll be having 17 or 18 guests for dinner. So The Beloved and I started to clean in earnest. Hopefully the house won't be appalling next week--I have high hopes, particularly if Resident Sibling pulls her weight. That, of course, is not a certainty, but I choose not to worry...yet.

So we cleaned. And I did laundry. Lots of laundry. And we cleaned some more. Wow. What a way to spend a Sunday.

Saturday was WAY preferable. My camera arrived, so here are some glimpses of The Beloved and I out on the town.

Here we are at The Home Depot. Our toilet seat broke. Naturally, the toilet in our house is gray. Behold the wall of toilet seats:

None are gray. We found we could special order a gray one if we really wanted, but that just seemed...well...silly. Particularly since we really didn't want to wait for a toilet seat to arrive. After much deliberation, we decided on an oak one. Nothing was going to match; oak seemed the most reasonable choice.

When we finished running errands, we decided to take advantage of the absolutely glorious day.

We went to the beach. As you can tell, we were the coolest kids there. From whence comes the burning desire to fly a kite? Who knows. But I had it. And The Beloved, being wonderful, agreed to humor me. In spite of the fact that neither of us have flown a kite in years, we didn't do half-bad if I do say so myself. It took off with ease and sailed like nobody's business.

Man, it was great. If you haven't flown a kite recently, I highly recommend it. You should be able to find one at a high-quality toy store, and while some are expensive, ours was under $20. Hours of fun.

Check out The Beloved in action:

He claims it was "OK," but I think he actually had fun. In fact, I think he may come out and do it again!

We had so much fun outside, that knitting "suffered." I'm plugging along with the baby cardi and it will be done eventually. Probably next week, particularly since I'm taking some time off. I'm also working on a "mystery project." My mother's birthday is coming up and so I'm trying to figure something out for that--something tells me the baby cardi isn't for her.

Tomorrow, I'll play with the camera some more, show you the progress on the baby cardi and give you a little yarn porn--the yarn for my cardigan arrived yesterday, and I'm considering just keeping it as is and carrying skeins around to pat during the day. The yarn is soooooo soft. But now I'm getting sleepy and have to get one more load of laundry in before calling it a day. I gotta tell you--the kite-flying was way more fun than the housework.

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