I need...

9:39 AM

The above statement should be said in a whiny voice, imitating Bill Murray in What About Bob?--one of The Beloved's all-time-favorite films. It's also the subject of a game called "All I Need" which I have shamelessly ripped off from Libby's morning post, as I seem to have little energy and less to say at the moment. What can I say: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And since it appear she ripped it off from tulipmom...I'm just helping spread the joy, right?

Anyway. Here's what you do:

Google the phrase "[your first name] needs..."

That's it! See what comes back. Saisquoi, as you might imagine, didn't return anything. So I used the name my parents gave me and it turns out that these are just some of the things I need...

Saisquoi needs coffee.
Well, duh.

Saisquoi needs "redeeming."

Saisquoi needs a fucking revolution.
Hell, yeah! That's my kind of redemption!

Saisquoi needs to clear out her mental recycle bin.
Always. I'm sure this is why my short-term memory is virtually non-existent.

Saisquoi needs to rethink her position on doing adult films.

Erm, OK...

Saisquoi needs to be taught a lesson.
Hopefully not in the aforementioned adult film.

Saisquoi needs to stop dressing like a slut.
But, the adult films! What do they want from me?!

Saisquoi needs to get her priorities straight.
If only I could identify them....

Saisquoi needs a bit of time off by herself to process things.
I'll buy that. Can I take the time off in Tahiti?

Saisquoi needs to chill.
Well said. I'm going to get another cup of coffee and price a vacation in Tahiti.

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