I think she's got it! I think she's got it!

11:29 AM

Tuesday night I took out RA's afghan--otherwise known as First Cable Afghan--or its humble beginnings, anyway. And I looked at it. And I tried to have some sort of affection for the small piece of knitted fabric. And I couldn't--there was nothing. But there was nothing better I could turn to. Or so I thought. Yesterday, while blithely avoiding work, I read a number of blogs. And found this: The Big Miter. (Scroll down for it. It's there. I promise.)

Now, I had seen bits of Big Miter in progress and had been intrigued, but had not felt anything beyond mild curiosity. I have to admit, I am smitten. I love The Big Miter. And I want one. I'm not sure that the yarn I currently have for the Afghan Project will yield the desired results as it's an acrylic-y, boucle-y sort of thing that irritates me more and more the longer I look at it. I may have to substitute something else in here. Perhaps still acrylic, since I doubt the wisdom of sending my bachelor friend an afghan that will require special care, particularly since both he and his girlfriend have pets. But the boucle thing is starting to make me crazy. Yes, it's soft. Yes, it's fluffy. But, gah! What was I thinking?!

I haven't ripped out the afghan yet. Perhaps this weekend. We'll see how long I can keep the call of Big Miter at bay.

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