An update--Knitting

1:28 PM

So, I really have been knitting. There's not much to show for it, because there's been a lot of ripping, too. After the NH Sheep & Wool Festival, I showed you the beginnings of a sock intended for The Beloved. Well, it would have been one of two--you know how it is. Alas, that sock is no more. I measured his foot. Really! And I checked my gauge. Truthfully!Yet, I forgot to measure the size of his calf. Which is, my friends, about the size of a tree trunk. So, when I had him try the sock on, it didn't fit. I had screwed up the shaping anyway, so it's not a huge loss--but irritating nonetheless. I had hoped that I would be able to knit the pattern as written, but go up a needle size. Nope. I'll go up a size and add probably four pattern repeats. I think that should work. But I will measure and gauge and have him try on and try not to swear if it doesn't work.

In the meantime, I've decided that my feet and legs are about as standard as they come, so I'm knitting the pattern for myself out of some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock yarn I bought on a whim several months ago.

Aren't the colors pretty? Too pretty for the boy. They're all mine! I think this is the River Run colorway. The pattern is Conwy from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush. The only change I've made is to knit on 2.5 mm needles instead of 2.25 mm needles. You're looking at about 5 inches of leg which will not fit The Beloved, but should fit me just fine. And, if it doesn't, I have one friend with feet comparable in size but smaller legs (you know who you are, so you better not be praying these are too small for me).

While I still haven't ripped out the First Cable Afghan, I have begun a swatch in a different shade of the boucle acrylic as a first step to turning the yarn into an afghan of 4 Great Big Miters. Once I determine a gauge I like, I'll knit a couple of little miters in this yarn to see how it looks before diving straight into another Great Big Afghan with huge suck potential. More to follow in this saga.

And I've cast on for a Christening Shawl for a baby at church. She will be baptized on June 24. I'm not sure I will be done by then, but darn it, I'm trying. Since time is limited, I'm keeping it simple and just knitting a stole-shaped object in English Mesh lace. I think it looks like butterflies. Butterflies are a symbol of new life, making them imminently appropriate for baptisms. It works for me--and is simple enough that it may actually be done by deadline, but I'm really not holding my breath. If it's not done, it'll hold for the next baptism.

Don't ask me about the baby sweater. I'm ignoring it. No particular reason. It hasn't done anything wrong. I just like my sock better. I'm pretty sure that the child I originally intended as the recipient of this sweater will be starting school by the time I finish, but, hey, there's always someone out there in need of a garter stitch cardigan, isn't there?

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