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Oh. My. God. You know how sometimes you hear so many wonderful things about a book, a movie, an online networking community, only to be grossly underwhelmed when you finally get on board? So not the case here. It's like I've died and gone to some sort of online fiber arts heaven. If you're still in the queue, keep the faith my friends. It will be worth the wait. And the hours that will be sucked from your life. The Beloved has already asked if there's some sort of Ravelry Widows group, akin to the WoW Widows group I joined this winter when his playing reached epic proportions. Look for that in the future...

In other news, the Angel's Rest socks will be done today. I'm on the toe. They should have been finished last night, but, well, you know, Ravelry showed up. For whatever reason I just had a devil of a time with the second sock. There was much ripping and much swearing, which means there was also much putting on hold. No matter--they'll be done by the end of the evening. Which makes it a nice way to end the Summer of Socks. I didn't knit many pairs, but I really enjoyed seeing what everyone else did and so now I've got all sorts of thoughts and plans for my own sock-knitting journey. Which is good, because I just got the latest Yarn Pirate Booty shipment. While not a colorway I would have ever chosen for myself, I think it's very pretty and should knit up nicely. The merino/tencel blend is also some of the softest stuff I've ever encountered. The colorway is masculine enough that I could probably knit socks for The Beloved, but the yarn is so silky and shiny that we all know these will me for me. I really should get around to knitting that poor man something someday. That's what my queue is for, yeah?

One final Ravelry note before I attempt productivity. Or at least go in search of more coffee. They have impeccable timing. The invite has got to be the best birthday present I could imagine.

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