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Conwy Socks from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill "Supersock" yarn, River Run colorway
Purchased from: The Yarn and Fiber Company, Windham, NH
Needles: Knitpicks US Size 1.5/2.5 mm (5 6-inch DPNs)

It's about freakin' time, dontcha think? Yay! I finished them! And they're not bad. You may remember that Conwy #1 was the first full-sized sock I knit, but the pair got put on hold so I could participate in Summer of Socks 2007. Well, the pair is finally complete, and I'm happy to report that even with the length of time that sock #2 sat on deck, they're the same size. Thank God for OCD behavior and for counting pattern repeats, etc! Yippee!


The socks fit very well--I'm anxious to see how they wash and wear. The design uses a round toe (I think), and I'm not crazy about how it feels--I can feel the decreases in my toes and it's--weird. Not exactly uncomfortable, but not really thrilling me, either.

I'll likely do this pattern again, but may substitute a wide or flat toe when I get to that part, particularly if the socks are for me. The Beloved seems to dig these socks as well, but his feet are really wide and so I'd need to do some math and add some pattern repeats in there to get his size. And buy more sock yarn, just to be sure I had enough.


The Cherry Tree Hill yarn was fabulous and I will definitely be adding some more to the stash. Well, when I next have money for yarn, that is. With the Booty Club membership, I'm not exactly starving for sock yarn, and I just got the yarn for my November Knit-along. Plus there was the yarn I ordered from EBay last week. (What--it was sportweight sock yarn in a colorway I'm hoping will work for the Whitby Pattern from Knitting on the Road. Perfectly reasonable expenditure. Sort of.)

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