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10:43 AM

Right. So, I've been knitting on a new sock. It's done in a merino-tencel blend and was the Yarn-Pirate Booty shipment from, like, September. I like the colors, but I'm not sure how I feel about the way they're striping in my chosen pattern. So, I want to know what you all thing.

butternutsock(Note: We have sun today. It's frigid, but there's sun.)

I'm using the "Dublin Bay" pattern from Mossy Cottage Knits. I like the pattern. The little strips of lace on each side of the sock is just enough decoration for me. Well, that and the picot. I like me some picot trim. But the stripes are awfully wide, aren't they? I've thought about yanking it out and working it on slightly larger needles for fewer stitches to see what would happen (that there sock is 72 stitches on size 0s). Then I think, it's a freaking pair of socks and they really don't look that bad, do they?

So, what do you all think? Rip out and start over? Not that bad? Other thoughts as they may or may not apply?

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