So much sock yarn...

1:07 PM

So little time...

I've decided to mostly put the Dublin Bay sock aside. It's still in my purse for waiting room and lunch break knitting because it's mindless at this point. I'll continue until I run out of yarn and then decide what I want to do.

In the meantime, I've started Cobblestone sleeve number one. Have any of you knit this sweater? I've seen hundreds online, but don't actually know anyone who's completed one. The sleeve seems really long. The size I'm knitting calls for a 20-inch sleeve, which just seems long, particularly for my husband who has short, stubby little arms. But with the yoke, I'm not sure where I should be measuring from to find The Beloved's actual arm length. Any thoughts? Otherwise, I'll continue knitting according to the instructions and if it doesn't fit my special guy, I'll see if it fits my brother or my dad (who are also special guys in their own right).

Since my socks have failed me (or perhaps I've failed the socks), it's time to move on and start something new. So I started going through my stash of sock yarns and this is what I found:

Sock Yarn

Mind you, that isn't all of the sock yarn I have, but my camera battery was running low. And the light today isn't all that good. Anyway.

So, I've got all of this yarn and no idea where to start. That's not true--I have some ideas, but I'm not sure which to chose first. Here's what I'm thinking:

I bought some KnitPicks Gloss in Burgundy with the intention of knitting a pair of Cleissidra Socks. Cute, eh? I think they would be very nice. Although, I might need to buy a skirt to show them off.

I've also been perusing my books of sock patterns. There are several that look good and I've narrowed down some choices. I've got some more Gloss in Parsley for the Anniversary Socks in Favorite Socks. Then, there's the Child's French Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks. I've earmarked some fuscia Lang Jawoll for those. Not photographed, but somewhere in my stash is some light blue sportweight mystery yarn (I think it may have bought it on e-bay from Dye Studio, but I can't remember) that is intended to become Whitby from Knitting on the Road.

That's not even mentioning the several skeins of Yarn Pirate sock yarn I could work with. And four balls of KnitPicks Essential in Cocoa purchased for my husband who then decided he wanted something else that is currently available for playtime.

It seems all that's left is to decide. However, I've not been much very good at deciding lately, and so they all sit...waiting...

Guess it's back to the sleeve for me!

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