4:33 PM

So, it's taken me getting pregnant to drop a pant size. How wrong is that?

Yesterday, I had my 20-week checkup and an ultrasound. The Beloved went, too. Seeing the Tadpole in action was so. Unbelievably. Cool. As far as everyone can tell from the pictures, the baby is perfect, and we are thrilled. Now we just need to come up with a name.

A couple of weeks ago I was officially diagnosed with gestational diabetes. And last week I met with a nutritionist. She is very confident that I'll be able to control my sugar levels with diet and exercise--and my diet and exercise habits actually require very few changes. So, that was reassuring. I was concerned that I've lost weight instead of gaining (I'm down about 10 pounds from my first prenatal appointment), but my midwife told me I could stop worrying. Tadpole is getting all of the correct things and since I came into pregnancy carrying a little extra weight, it's just being reallocated. Hence, the trip to the maternity store for Medium jeans as the Large ones try to fall off.

Anyway, now that I'm more reassured that everything's OK with my wee one, I think I might be ready to start some baby knitting. And I found my camera and battery, so I might even be able to take some pictures. Wild, eh?

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