Damned Rodent...

10:53 AM

Well, the groundhog has proclaimed 6 more weeks of winter. Good thing the little bastard lives in Pennsylvania--otherwise, I'd be tempted to take PFC Sibling's BB Gun out of the closet and hunt him down.

Last night, The Beloved took out the mirror on the passenger side of his car--sliding into my car as he tried to pull into our driveway. I haven't been out to see what he did to my car in the process. But getting in and out of our house should qualify us for some sort of hazardous pay. We can't see around the snowbanks left by the plow when backing out of the driveway. I'm a little nervous because The Tadpole and I need to make our first "solo" outing today so that I can authorize the doctor's office to release medical information to the short-term disability people so that I may collect a small amount of money during part of my maternity leave. Important, as I've realized that not only do I need to keep the baby clothed, but that I don't really own any practical nursing tops. The button-down shirts I owned would be great if I could button them over my (or Dolly Parton's) chest. I also could do with some more bras as both of us tend to wind up covered in milk after a feeding--even if I cover up with a burp cloth or a towel. The things I never thought of!

At least I know I'm producing enough food for her.

But back to the rodent. I should have seen it coming. We're supposed to get more snow tomorrow--if the storm tracks to the East (or--if the Gods are smiling on us), we should only get 1-3 inches. But, if the storm tracks to the West, we'll be up in the 4-7+ inches range. Super fun as The Beloved has returned to work, so The Tadpole and I will have to try and keep up with the snow as we need to get out of the driveway on Wednesday morning to go for her 2 week checkup. The snowbanks beside our driveway are already taller than my car, making me wonder where the snow is going to go...but it's all part of the adventure of living in New England, yeah? The fun here never ends!

Actually, things here are pretty fun--outside of the weather. The Tadpole continues to amaze me. She is so much fun. Right now, she's taking a nap in my lap while I type. She's fairly laid back, eating well, and sleeping well. She's also starting to be awake for longer periods of time, and she loves to play with her Daddy and me. Playing largely consists of making goofy faces at us, but she does it with aplomb. She also likes to sit in her bouncy chair or in her sling--which means I can occasionally do some knitting. I'm working on a pair of Heelless Sleeping Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush and using some Yarn Pirate BFL sock yarn in the June Bug colorway (Booty Club exclusive). However, the knitting is very slow going because the baby is distracting. In the best possible way. Speaking of distracting...I'm sure she needs a kiss just now...

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