Decisions, decisions

11:46 AM

The cool kids are having the Knitting Olympics and I want to play. However, I have a toddler--well, she's nearly toddling. And she's teething. And she has conjunctivitis.

I need to pick a project before cast-on tonight during the opening ceremonies. And I have it narrowed down to two possibilities: The Woven Kimono Cardigan or the Owlet sweater and a matching hat (scroll down to see the sweater).

If I were childless, I would go with the woven kimono. I've had the pattern and the yarn for a long, since before I got pregnant...and it would definitely be a challenge for me to finish it in 17 days.

But I am not childless. I have a happy, little helper. Which is why I'm thinking Owls. It's not a big project and it's not technically difficult. But I've been knitting a baby hat for close to a month because between brain damage and a child who is in to absolutely EVERYTHING, I haven't been able to knit satisfactory short-rows.

Unfortunately, I don't have yarn for the owls. This is easy to rectify, though, since I unexpectedly get to spend most of the day at home with Miss C(onjunctivitis). She's not acting sick and if I don't let her touch anything, there's no real reason we couldn't go to the yarn store when she wakes up from her nap, is there?

What do you think? Are owls too lame to be Knitting Olympic-worthy? Should I sit this year out? Or should we head out to the Yarn Basket before Daddy gets home from work?

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