Give Thanks Mittens

2:49 PM

C, Mittens 004

These were a test-knit for Pumpkin Pie Baby completed in time for C's birthday. Here she is channelling Macaulay Culkin after receiving the mitts:

C, Mittens 001

I used some Peace Fleece left over from a pair of ruffled longies I knit for her this summer, and the mittens knit up quickly. The slip-stitch pattern used for the hands yielded a thick, firm fabric that will be awesome for winter wear--especially this winter of extraordinary snowfall and bitter cold! If I were to make them again, the only change I'd make would be to lengthen the cuff--C has proven adept at removing the mittens and so, for us, longer is better.

Since I've got what I've got, and these were a test knit (meaning no modifications), I'll add a cord to keep them together and threaded through her jacket. Or, we'll limit wear to car trips rather than outside play.

These are actually my second finished objects of 2011. I knit myself a pair of fingerless gloves that I finished on January 2, but I've only got a crappy cell phone picture of those. They are, however, toasty warm--which is very important given this winter of lots of snow and coldness.

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