Knitting Confession #2

10:13 PM

I knit Continental. But, until recently, I purled English. Fortunately, I could practice Continental purling with my Monthly Dishcloth KAL. I just finished the mid-month offering--Basket Weave in Sugar 'n Cream Soft Violet:

Pretty neat, huh? Here it is again in a little more detail:

Yes, I'm getting worked up over a dishcloth. It's purple!

Actually, all of the dishcloths I knit this month have been purple--or soft violet. The KAL from the beginning of this month was also purple (picture to follow). I'm thinking that I'll save these and give them to my mother. Her dishes have grapes on them (she has this Pfaltzgraff pattern) and she has a matching mural on the wall in her kitchen over her stove. I've still got some more Sugar n' Cream in soft violet, so perhaps I'll seek out a pattern with grapes.

Anyway. The first March KAL:

Bunny! Isn't it cute? I might have to make some more of these before Easter appears. We're hosting Easter Dinner this year. That means The Beloved and I will welcome: My parents; my two siblings; his parents; possibly his sibling and her significant other; possibly my aunt and uncle; possibly my cousin, her husband and their two kids; possibly my other cousin and her son; and the remote possibility of my uncle's son. So that gives us a grand total of 19.* What was I thinking? The one thing I can tell you for certain--we will be eating dinner off of our finest Chinet.

Speaking of Easter--it's the first full day of spring! And this is what it looked like outside of my office at 7:00 this evening:

Ah, spring.

*A correction: While standing in the shower and trying to wake up this morning, I realized I had left my grandmother off of the list of Easter Dinner guests. That brings us up to a possible 20. I just knew 19 was off--it would be too weird. 20 is much better. Anyone got any ideas on how to fit 20 people into a small ranch house?

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