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Lovely Libby tagged me for this meme that originated from a Vanity Fair feature called “My Stuff”. In “My Stuff” people are asked to reveal their favorite things. As they are my favorite things, some of them are not suitable for every day. If I have a favorite frivolous and favorite utilitarian item, I'll let you know. So, without further ado, let's peruse my stuff!

Jeans: My Calvin Kleins. They are nothing spectacular, but they fit perfectly. Or they used to fit perfectly until my weight started to drop. Not that I'm complaining about that--but....my jeans!

Underwear: Frivolous pick: Mary Green. Everyday favorite: Victoria's Secret T-Shirt Bra (I particularly like their new "Secret Embrace" line) and hiphuggers (particularly of the "no show" variety).

An aside: Not long ago I was feeling distinctly unsexy and so started reading a book that had long been gathering dust on my shelf: The Good Girl's Guide to Bad Girl Sex. Ironically, I was already doing a lot of the things the author suggested. Who knew? But the one thing that hit home was doing a wardrobe audit--particularly concerning your underwear. Basically, if you couldn't picture the sexiest man alive (whoever that may be for you) ripping the article of clothing off you with his teeth, it had to go. Thus, I found myself with very little underwear. Now I have an index card in my drawer that says, "If you can't picture Johnny Depp ripping this off you with his teeth, throw it out!" Surprisingly, it helps. The Beloved is unimpressed, but since he seems to prefer me in my oldest cast-off sweatpants and threadbare t-shirts (or, even better, the ancient flannel nightie), I needed to step outside the box a little....
Sneakers: New Balance

Watch: I wear a Citizen Eco-Drive every day and I love it, but my absolute favorite is probably my counterfeit Rolex (Lorex?) purchased by my father from some street vendor in Malaysia.

T-Shirt: Old Navy.

Day Bag: Sherpani Trevina.

Evening Bag: I have one that was hand made for me by one of the students from a conversational English class I taught in Aoyama (a very high-rent district of Tokyo). It's gorgeous. I love it.

Cell Phone: My current one is pretty sweet--a Kyocera Switchback. It handles my schedule, allows me to send text messages and IMs and actually sends my photos. If only it cleaned the litter box...

Blackberry or Treo: N/A

Lipstick: Oh, this is something put-together women remember to apply before leaving the house, right? Yeah. That would not include me on most days. I do, however absolutely love my Murad Vitalic Energizing Pomegranate Lip Therapy. On days I want people to think I'm put-together and adult, I favor Revlon ColorStay (Rich Raisin).

Mascara: Cover Girl LashExact (though I'm thinking of branching out and trying their VolumeExact as well...)

Nail Polish: Opi.

Soap: Vermont Soap.

Shampoo: Currently, it's Nature's Gate.

Moisturizer: Karin Herzog Oxygen Face.

Hair Product: N/A. It's been a while since I've used anything more than shampoo and conditioner...

Perfume or Cologne: A little-known fact--The Beloved is very sensitive to scents. I mean very sensitive. My wearing any perfume usually ends up with him choking to death on post-nasal drip. He even has a hard time with scented lotion! Before I discovered this, I used to wear Clinique Happy. Now, I'm lucky if I can get away with Kiss My Face body lotion in Lavender and Shea Butter.

Toothpaste: Crest ProHealth.

Now, as Libby so kindly pointed out, I'm a newbie, and I'm not entirely sure who reads me and blogs. If this applies to you, please consider yourself tagged!

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