Snow Day!

8:21 AM

It's snowing in Northern New England, and though the weatherman promises it will switch over to my all-time-favorite "wintry mix," it's currently snowing on the seacoast, and it's quite pretty. Since it's no longer bitterly cold, the flakes are huge and sticky and it looks just like a snow day should.

Of course it's March and I'm nearly done with with warm and fuzzy feelings towards winter weather. But that's beside the point. The office where I work on Fridays is closed, so I'm still in my jammies at 8:24 AM. It seems so decadent! Even better, The Beloved works from home on Fridays, which meant I had the opportunity to pamper him a little by making a big breakfast of fried eggs, bacon, grits (The Beloved was born and spent his early years south of the Mason-Dixon line. We forgive him for this.), toast, orange juice and coffee. Unfortunately for me, by the time I finished cooking, I wasn't actually hungry. So, he enjoyed the fruits of my labor and I had a piece of toast and some juice and coffee. Hmmm. Well, there's always lunchtime.

This is the perfect opportunity for me to sit and work on some of my unfinished projects, but somehow, that doesn't seem an appropriate use of my spontaneous holiday. So, I do believe I will begin the watermelon hat today. If it goes as quickly as I'm thinking it will, I may even be able to finish off the airy scarf before dinnertime. After all, it isn't even 9:00 yet, and I'm nowhere near ready for a nap!

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