Sunday Dinner

8:36 PM

Is being handled by The Beloved this evening. He's making a roast, but there seems to be an inordinate amount of smoke involved. I don't want to complain, though, because as long as he's king of the kitchen, I am free to sit in the living room watching the newly remastered, H-D version of West Side Story. Seriously, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and score by Leonard Bernstein--does it get any better? Well, perhaps the stage version without the language edits. But this is certainly not a bad way to spend the evening. Maria and Tony have just met at the dance and I'm just as mesmerized as the first time I saw the play. And I can just about guarantee that I'll be in tears by the end, just like always.

This is actually the high point of the weekend. It was rather lazy. Call it the calm before the storm. One of my siblings is moving in with us tomorrow--a move to which I agreed, but am now dreading. We don't get along so well, and sibling may or may not have a job. The agreement, though, when we said sibling could move in, was that everyone in this house works. So, if sibling doesn't have a job, sibling will be working for us. I keep telling myself, if nothing else, my house will be clean and I'll begin to start some of my bigger projects like painting the office/nursery for any potential offspring. There is a bright side, right? Right?

West Side Story allows for some rather easy knitting. I did work on the Blue Lagoon Blankie this weekend, and I knit a prototype watermelon hat. My girlfriends say it's cute--so long as it's for an infant or a toddler--which it is. The Beloved thinks putting such a creation on a child is cruel and unusual punishment and the fact that I (and my female friends) would do such a thing is only proof that women are inherently evil. God willing, I'll be able to do some mediocre pictures tomorrow. I got a new phone, with a new camera. I still can't upload pictures which makes me sure the problem is on Virgin Mobile's end. I plan to spend the better part of the afternoon on the phone with Myron or one of his counterparts.

I may also take some pictures of the face cloths I'm knitting. Next weekend my grandmother is moving into Assisted Living--something she is not looking forward to at all. Since there is absolutely nothing I can do to make this easier for anyone involved--my parents, my grandmother, the poor staff at the house where she'll be living--I'm knitting. I figured I could make some face cloths and put them in a little basket with some soap or lotion or something. That'll be nice, right? Cute little housewarming gift?

Anyway--we're up to the Tonight quartet, so I've got to pay attention to the TV. Tomorrow I'll let you know about Bishop Robinson's response to the Primate's meeting and our Presiding Bishop's response.

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