9:18 PM

Well, almost. Last night I finished putting together the baby cardi/kimono. Check it out!

I'm very happy with it, and it would have gone to its new home today but for the fact that my iron decided to act up when I was steam blocking the foolish thing. In steaming the foolish thing, it blew out some dirty water that left nasty brown spots on the front of my off-white sweater. Grrr! So, it will need to go back into the wash, which will happen as soon as I have another load to run...perhaps tomorrow. God willing, the spots will come out. If they don't the sweater didn't take that long to make and I suppose I could knit another front, but...Grrr....

In other news, I've cast on another baby sweater! Woo-hoo. This time, I'm working Haiku. The pattern isn't difficult, but I've done a fair amount of ripping due to my present inability to execute box stitch in an appropriate fashion. Sigh. Perhaps the yarn looks familiar. In an earlier incarnation, it was the Moss Stitch Baby Blanket. I'm happier with it in the sweater. I've got tons of this yarn. I believe it's Red Heart Soft Baby. I made a baby blanket out of this stuff several years ago. Then, Resident Sibling "destashed" a ridiculous amount of the stuff and added it to my collection. I knit a fair amount of baby stuff for charity and I've reached the age where every female I know seems to be procreating, so I figured it would go eventually. But I've still got, like, five or six large skeins of the stuff. So, sweater. Baby blanket. Horse blanket. I've got miles of yarn yet....and very few ideas on what to do with it.

I've also been working off and on with the Dream Swatch. I love it. I love my Koigu. It's going slowly because I like to gaze upon my yarn and stroke it and think about its utter loveliness. Why am I not working on it constantly? Because it's just the right size and complexity to work as my "traveling" project--the one that comes with me to work so I have something to do on my coffee break or if I'm stuck somewhere boring for too long. The sweater, on the other hand, involves measuring and two kinds of stitches.

Otherwise, it's been a quiet weekend. Even the cats have been quiet.

Polly made the most of it.

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