Strange sightings....

9:23 AM

So, can anyone tell me what that strange bright orb in the sky over Southern NH is? It frightens me. It hurts to look at it.

Seriously, it's been so long since I've seen the sun, I'd almost forgotten what it was like. Naturally, I'll spend the greater part of the day inside at work making the most of this newly sunny weather. Blah.

In knitting news: The Dream Swatch progresses. Slowly. I do have a lunch break today at work, though, and since it's sunny but still extremely wet here I'll probably spend that hour busily working away on my head scarf. KelInCal commented earlier this week on the utter insanity of knitting a scarf in Koigu. What were we thinking?! My guess is that we were thinking, "Oooh, shiny! I bet this this yarn would look fabulous!" And it does. It just happens to be a big. Long. Rectangle. The shininess wore off too fast.

The Haiku sweater progresses. I'm not sure that I like the variegated yarn as much as I originally did. I'm afraid that it obscures the block stitch segments. The Beloved says it looks fine, it's for a baby who will only be able to wear it, like, twice before she outgrows it, and that I need to lighten up. He doesn't understand anything.

In all honesty, I haven't knit much over the past couple of days. Wednesday is my late night at work, so I did a teeny bit on Haiku when I got home, but I don't think I picked up anything on Tuesday. I've been a bit under the weather, so I haven't done much but sit on the couch drinking ginger ale and watching Firefly on DVD. (Laura, Mal and Inara send their regards. When Mal isn't getting shot, that is.) I'm hoping to get some work done this weekend, and I've signed up for Norma's "Magic 28" ring. Little socks for little feet. It warms my little heart just thinking about it. And children's socks are small and quick projects, which is apparently what I need now that I have the attention span of a three-year-old hopped up on Mountain Dew.

Speaking of which, it's got to be about time for coffee.....

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