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Last night I finished the monthly dishcloth KAL. I suppose it was Good Friday appropriate. Yet, I wish we had been given more guidance in color selection. The moderator sends out an announcement a few days before the KAL officially begins, and while we don't find out what we're knitting (it's supposed to be a surprise), we will get a yarn suggestion. This time around, it was to use a solid, worsted-weight cotton. I chose a nice, bright, sunshiney-yellow from my stash. And knit this:

I'm not entirely sure what to do with this. I don't know that I feel comfortable washing my grimy pans with the dishcloth version of Calvary. And the sunshine yellow somehow seems very, very wrong. Oh well. I suppose it can go into my dwindling pile of finished objects to be used as last-minute gifts...although I fear the only proper use for this is as the door prize at a tacky party...

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