The S is for Sucks

9:08 PM

Ah, April. Easter is just around the corner. And this is what it looked like outside of my office at about 3:00 this afternoon:

Stunning, eh? Yeah. I'm all done with this. All. Done.

So, S is also for Snow and Sleet and Slush--all of which fell from the sky this afternoon between 3 and 7 while I was busily cataloging at job #2.

And S is for Slip and Slide and Skid which is what I did on the way home since NO ONE in the eight or nine towns I drive through on my commute chose to treat the roads in any way, shape or form.

S is for Swear, which I also did during my drive--particularly while slipping, sliding and skidding.

But S is also for Sigh, which is what I did after finally arriving home and getting a Smile from my Beloved Spouse.

And S is for Spring rolls, which made a quick and easy Snack after slipping, sliding, skidding and swearing for an hour and a half. Accompanied by Sam Adams, my snack has almost made me feel human again. Almost.

So, the only thing left to do is Soak in a nice hot tub with some Scented Salts and a Steamy novel.


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