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10:44 AM

This is the view from my office. Through my door, I look out across a space called The Gallery. There is generally art in The Gallery, and at this time of year, we have student shows going on. This, I believe, is the final senior show of the year as graduation takes place on May 12. The Gallery is located at the front of the library; one must walk through The Gallery in order to get to the books, labs, computers, and other sources of information. Anyway. The View:

Note: Please excuse the crappy photos. If I had but known this would be waiting for me at opening, I would have remembered my real camera instead of recording this with my freakin' phone. Oh well--I'm grateful that the phone was charged!
Yes, that would be graffiti. All. Over. The. Walls. Apparently, that went up as part of the opening last night. Rumor has it that the professors helped. Ah, art school. Here's a close-up of one of the images:

Elegant, isn't it? Now, I do actually like some urban art based on tagging, etc. Unfortunately, I do not find any of this aesthetically pleasing. It looks like Bart Simpson took hold of a can of spray paint and went to town. Oh, and we're not exactly urban out here in NH. Particularly in the extremely rural town where the school is located. One more shot just for fun:

The Artist's Statement. Rock. On. At least this one wasn't a Wikipedia Entry.

Last night was a full moon. Maybe I should just leave it at that and go back to my knitting....

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