Just Call Me The Bag Lady

4:16 PM

Several weeks ago I ordered a couple of bags from Heather over at LuluBelle Custom Handbags. Well, they have arrived! I couldn't be happier with them. Behold, the Little Lulu:

And inside:

And the Lauren:

And inside:

The handbags are handmade. Select your own exterior and interior fabrics, choose from fabric or bamboo handles, choose between snap and ribbon closures. The products are gorgeous. I'm very, very happy with my purchases and will likely buy more of her stuff in the future. In fact, the Lauren will be coming to Chicago with me. Did you see the pockets on the inside? It's a nice, roomy bag that will comfortably hold my wallet, sunglasses, iPod, camera, the guidebook, the gallon-sized plastic bag for hand lotion and lip gloss, a novel or magazine for myself, one for The Beloved, his XM radio/MP3 player, and a partridge in a pear tree. Oh--and this:

The GoKnit Pouch which I bought over at Scout's Swag. She has awesome color choices and wicked fast shipping. Now my sock will be safe and I won't have to worry about runaway yarn on the airplane! Anyway, since Lauren is so roomy, I don't think I'll need a separate carry-on for the flight. Which is good, because I never have enough room with a carry-on and a purse. I'll pack another carry-on bag in our checked baggage in case we (hopefully) go shopping and buy stuff on vacation and need something in which to transport our loot back to New Hampshire.

Anyway. Here's some food for thought: Why does vacation begin with the Spanish word for cow? That deep thought is brought to you care of The Beloved. Enjoy.

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