One down!

9:34 AM

Well, I did, in fact, finish the first Conwy Sock on Monday. I'm quite pleased with the result. It is quite possibly the best-fitting, most comfortable sock I've ever owned. And, it's aesthetically pleasing. I love it!

Naturally, I immediately cast on another sock.
ESB's Jaywalker

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. It doesn't match the Conwy in any way, shape or form. This is my first Summer of Socks sock, and I'm mostly enjoying it. The Jaywalker is a nice, quick pattern. I think I like it with this yarn--well--as much as I like the yarn, which, though a joy to work with, looks a little...well...funky. I suppose naming the colorway "Funky Stripe" should have been a clue (oh, those clever folk at Lorna's Laces!), but it looked so charming in the skein.

The other reason I started this one instead of immediately casting on Conwy's mate was that I wanted to get my airplane knitting underway. Yes. See those teeny-tiny wooden needles? Purchased specially for my friends in the TSA? My anniversary gift from my beloved spouse? I hate them. Size 1 birch needles. 5 inches long. Length is fine. Size 1 is fine. Wood? Not so fine. Frankly, I've met toothpicks with more substance. I'm terrified of breaking them. The good part is that my tension is a bit looser than usual as I've had to concentrate really, really, really hard on not gripping needles with my customary death grip. Still, I wonder if I shouldn't pick up a "backup" set just in case. I miss my metal needles.

I feel sort of funny knitting this sock--though I've heard tell of the dreaded "second sock syndrome," I really don't have it. In fact, I would prefer to be knitting the second Conwy. But, I don't like changing anything in the middle of a project. Though I could probably get gauge with the toothpick-needles, I'd rather wait for my nice metal pointy ones--particularly with the crossed stitches. Passing slipped stitches for the double decrease is precarious enough with these things. That said, I really do enjoy the pattern. No wonder there are more than 750 pairs in Grumperina's gallery! I'm hoping my friend likes them as well. She did, after all, like the skein when I showed it to her several months ago... Since I'm still uncertain about Funky Stripe's aesthetic value, I think I'll ask her before I finish the foot. If she hates them, I can knit them shorter and keep them for myself and those days that just require green and pinky-purpley striped socks. Then we'll delve once more into the mysteries of sock yarn and how something can look so nice on a skein and so...weird...once knit into a garment. That's all I need, right? An excuse to get more?

Speaking of more sock yarn, I joined the Yarn Pirate's Booty Club. (Sorry--subscriptions are closed.) The first shipment is due out next week, so hopefully there will be a nice little surprise waiting for me upon my return from Chicago. This is terribly exciting, particularly since The Beloved has already vetoed my brilliant idea for a Chi-town Yarn Crawl. Where is his sense of adventure?

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