5:05 PM

So, I learned a couple of things this afternoon:

  1. Never try a new technique with a full spindle.
  2. Learning new techniques often takes more than one try.
  3. It really is only yarn.
Anyway. After a couple of false starts I have an almost acceptable skein of yarn made from the rest of the brown Romney. I failed at plying it, so I left it as it was. And picked up the 8 oz bag of NZ Sliver purchased when I first decided to learn to spin. I spun a little bit and decided to give plying another go. And this, my friends, is what happened:

Hokie smokes, Bullwinkle! That looks like yarn! I know, it's blurry--but it needed to sit with the spindle for scale. Here it is a little clearer:

It's not perfect. The first bits are hardly spun--I have a hard time beginning, but once I start, my spinning is almost consistent. Anyway--this is about 8 wpi and was a successful attempt at Andean plying. Next time I might be brave enough to spin a little more yarn before plying. Maybe I'll give the Romney another try. Or, maybe I should make dinner and work on the Christening Shawl.

Nah. I think this calls for a beer.

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