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10:33 AM

First, I'd like to thank everyone for the positive vibes sent my way. It really does help--I need the kick in the backside to remember that it really isn't all me in a bubble of misery and that there is a great big world out there. So, thank you.

Still no knitting pictures. Between rest and arnica, my wrists are feeling better and I'm doing a little knitting. But I discovered a hole in the gusset decreases of the sock. After swearing at it and putting it back in the bag for three days, I'm dismayed to discover it hasn't fixed itself and I'll have to rip back about ten rows to fix whatever I did--and believe you me, I have no idea what I did. Oh well.

The sock has not been fixed because now that my wrists are better, I feel as though someone has beaten me soundly with the tired stick. I'm blaming the change in weather (it has been positively autumnal for the past week up here in NH) and a change in schedule (I'm back at the college 20 hours/week. Yippee!!). Last night I was in bed at 9:30 and I still feel exhausted. Enough already!

I have learned my lesson--hubris is to be punished by the knitting gods. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Other updates: Resident Sibling goes up to Portland tonight for her Army physical tomorrow morning. She'll also take the DLAB while she's up there. Fingers are crossed that she does well and that she ships out soon for fun at Basic. [Note: This is not meant to sound hostile. Joining the Army is a BIG DEAL and, particularly since members of our Armed Forces are dying to preserve the peace in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is certainly not a decision to be taken lightly. However, Resident Sibling desperately needs to make a decision regarding her life and career goals and go with it. If this is her choice, I support it whole-heartedly and encourage her to get a move on before she changes her mind. Again. Besides, I really want my house back.]

Plans are in the works for next week's birthday gala events. I think I'm making lasagna for the family gathering on Sunday. So, Saturday will be consumed with construction of two casseroles so that all I need to do is reheat after church before the fam shows up. Monday is a little bit harder because I think I'm going to have to shop in the morning and then surreptitiously marinate lamb for souvlaki and start a caponata while my little cherub sleeps. If I buy everything in advance, he's sure to know something is up. Hmmm. Last week, these were daunting prospects, but for whatever reason, I'm no longer terrified by the thought of entertaining. I'm actually quite excited. Perhaps it's because my house is nearly in order.

Now, my house will never be perfect. I leave that for people like my mother. But my house is now about 2 hours away from not being an utter embarrassment should anyone stop by unexpectedly. Yay! It hasn't looked this good since Easter. Which does a lot for my mental and emotional sense of well-being. Now, if only I could get The Beloved to help with some of the housework.... but perhaps that and an about face for my mood are too much to ask for in a week.

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