New Beginnings

10:40 AM

In honor of my new job, I did some casting on last night. Did I cast on for The Beloved's sweater, the one I promised I'd knit for him, the one for which I picked up yarn this weekend? Not on your life. My excuse? I don't have the right needles. This is, in fact, true. I need a US 7 circular, and I don't have one with a nice flexy-bendy cord. So, I took the opportunity to f i n a l l y order myself a set of KnitPicks Options. I'm getting the standard nickel and not the new snazzy Harmony ones because I've found that in spite of myself I really do like a nice, slick, metal needle. That sounds really bad, doesn't it--they're just for knitting! I only use the needles for knitting! And occasional needlepoint or cross-stitch. I don't like the needles in a Chet Baker way, I promise!

Anyway. The Options are on their way. When they show up, I'll start his freaking sweater. And I hope to have it done by Christmas.

Did I start something for the Romantic Hand Knits-along? Nope--start date for that isn't for another month. I wouldn't want to be ahead of the game, would I? Besides....I'm still deciding what I want to knit. It will involve buying yarn, which will involve a nice day of yarn shopping. Why rush?

Did I cast on for the afghan square I'm knitting for the NETA Ships Project? Nope. The yarn did come yesterday, and I do need to get that done sooner rather than later, but I thought I'd look at some different patterns and maybe even check my gauge since the square needs to be 12" x 12". I'm hoping to knit most of it on Saturday and use my "good knitting deed" as an excuse to avoid housework.

So, what did I cast on? I ended up starting the Alpaca Silk Shrug. I've had yarn for it marinating in my stash for months. Actually, I bought the yarn to do another sweater, but then saw several gorgeous versions of this shrug during a blog-crawl and decided that I really needed one too. Which is crazy because I don't generally like shrugs. Oh well. It appears to be mind-numbingly easy. Miles of stockinette. Miles. Which means it's good TV knitting. I cast on last night during Heroes and knit through part of Journeyman--which I'll finish watching this evening, maybe. (10:00 is just too late for me anymore. My party-time lifestyle is taking a huge hit.) If I'm lucky, I'll maybe have this done by the end of the month and be able to wear it for my first day of work in November.

I've also been bit by the tattoo bug again. I want another one. Now, I decided a while ago that should I ever have children I would have a Celtic Motherhood Knot done. But who knows when that will happen? I kinda want But I'm not entirely sure of what I want or where I want it. My lone tattoo is kind of Book-of-Kells inspired, and I'm wondering if I should just go with that. Or if I should just chill out and wait for it to pass...because it generally does. I seem to connect my own body modifications with times of transition--which is probably where the desire generates. But, you know, body art or more yarn? It's such a dilemma....

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