To cut or not to cut...

9:52 AM

My hair is pretty long. I mean, it's not crazy-long or anything, but it hits between my shoulder blades. I think it may go past my bra band at this point. I shot a picture of it a couple of weeks ago when I talked about going shampoo-free. (Scroll down past Polly to see the crappy picture of my hair.)

It's taken me several years to get it this long. Five years ago, when I got married, I wore my hair in a cute little pixie cut. I can no longer remember what possessed me to let it grow and grow and grow, and that's probably contributing to my current predicament. Well, that, and the job change. Ever notice how one change leads to another and another? No? Just me? OK. That's cool, too.


Last night I was watching Law & Order on TNT. Perfect background for sock knitting. And they're running episodes from last season. Since I can't stay up late enough to watch the first run of Law & Order anymore (my party-time lifestyle strikes again), I only get to see it in syndication. So, this was the first I saw of ADA Rubirosa (Alana de la Garza). And, while I'm not sure if I like her character or not, (only saw two episodes, and I was sort-of concentrating on working the calf decreases for Conwy) I *heart* her hair. It's classy and chic and professional-looking. I just love it. And I'm not so enamored with my own right now. In fact, it's been confined to a clip or a bun for the past week or so.

Which leads me to the dilemma of the moment--should I just cut it all off and go for the chic and professional look or should I chill out and keep my long hair? I have no delusions that cutting my hair will make me look anything like de la Garza. For one, she has cheekbones whereas mine appear to have gone AWOL. And I could hate the haircut should I go through with it. While hair does grow back, it certainly takes its sweet time. Then there's always the increasing number of grays coming in.

So, what do you all think? The Beloved has been no help at all (I'm sure you're all shocked by this), and I need some sort of advice... What to do?

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