7:05 PM


Sock #1 is done.


I ripped the toe out at least three times last night. The foot is still a teeny bit short, but it will do.


The picot is cute, isn't it?

I still love the colorway, but the yarn itself? Not so much. Ripping back was not bad, but God help you if you dropped a stitch. Picking stitches up after ripping wasn't exactly a walk in the park, either. I screwed up the Kitchnering of the toe, but the thought of picking it out, putting it back on the needles and trying again made me feel faint. And we didn't have any scotch for, er, fortification. So, there it stands.

And the sock already feels like it's felting. I'm a little bit worried about longevity--will they felt with the first wear? Or the first wash? Even if it's a hand wash? I'll keep you posted.

If I was a good girl, I would be casting on for sock #2 right now. But I don't know if I feel like it... I should also cast on for my knit-along which started November 1... We'll see. I may just do some nice, soothing stockinette work on the Alpaca Silk Shrug.

One last note on the sock du jour--I *heart* Ravelry. Even if I don't start in on sock #2 right away, I should be OK. Because I have a place to write all of my anal retentive, OCD notes on how many rows and stitches and whatnot so that sock #2 stands a fighting chance of matching sock #1.

On that happy note, I'm off to put lunches together for tomorrow and pick out something to wear. Tomorrow is the first day at the new job, which necessitated some shopping last week. I really need a new pair of shoes (I want a new pair of Danskos), but due to a much needed expensive repair to my car on Friday, that purchase won't happen until the first paycheck comes in. But I'll live till then. Maybe. I'm very nervous about wearing the wrong thing. In fact, as a way of proving my maturity, I have actually had a bit of an anxiety attack over a) not being cool b) not wearing the right thing and c) not having anyone to sit with at lunch. Yes, my friends, I have apparently been possessed by a high school girl. Somebody shoot me. But make sure I'm wearing my new wool slacks, OK?

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