What I Did With My Days Off

11:31 AM

Yeah, I know it's not over yet. Exciting things could still happen in the next two days. But, I gotta tell you, I've got time to write right now and if it doesn't get done now, I can't guarantee it will happen before it's time to go back to work!

So, first up, some knitting. I've been working on the Alpaca Silk Shrug. The Alpaca & Silk Yarn from Blue Sky Alpacas is absolutely divine. Which is a good thing. Particularly since the miles and miles and miles of plain stockinette is becoming mind-numbing. There's not even any shaping to break up the monotony now that I'm past the first sleeve. Just 29 inches of knit the RS. Purl the WS. Repeat.

It's funny. I love knitting. So I thought, even if it's boring knitting I'll like it. This will be great for watching TV because I won't need to think too much. But, you know, I would just about kill for a yarn over. Or a cable somewhere. Even some shaping. Anything. I tell you, it's a good thing the yarn is so yummy, because I've still got miles to go before I sleep.

Alpaca Silk Shrug 5

Alpaca Silk Shrug 4

Alpaca Silk Shrug 2

Looks good, though, doesn't it? In spite of all my whinging? I have vain hopes that it will be finished in time for me to wear on Christmas Eve. Which means that no one gets handknit gifts this year. Whoops! And there's no way The Beloved's sweater will be done. Particularly since I haven't even started it yet. And we won't even talk about my Romantic Hand Knit. I knit a swatch for that one....but....

So, yeah. If you choose to knit a sweater (or a sweater-like garment) from sportweight yarn on US size 3 needles, consider it the knitting equivalent of a marathon. Even The Beloved has noticed the slow-going. I think his comment other than "What do you want me to say? It looks exactly the same as when you showed it to me yesterday!" was "That's going to take you forever with all those itty-bitty stitches. Think of the millions of loops!" He did, however, comment that I did good work, so I suppose he's being supportive in his own way.

Next up, the Great Day of Eating. I love Thanksgiving. I love all the tasty food. I love that no one cares how much you eat. And I love seeing my extended family. I mean, my mother and my aunt do family dinner every Sunday, so we see a lot of my family, anyway, but, well, they're fun. We got a call from my sister at 2:00--the traditional family eating time--and so we all got to sing grace together. (We sing the song "The Lord's Been Good to Me" from "Johnny Appleseed.") PFC Sibling (formerly known as Resident Sibling) said she was so happy to get to sing over the phone with us because that was not the grace the Chaplain used at their Thanksgiving Dinner at Basic.

Anyhow. I, personally, have a lot to be thankful for. Not just this weekend, but always. I am thankful for The Beloved, for my home, for my family and for the wonderful relationship I have with them, for my friends, who have got to be among the most awesome human beings on the planet. I'm thankful for my job and for The Beloved's job. I'm thankful that my cats appear to be in good health. I'm thankful that all of us are in good health. Though I can whinge with the best of them, I really have nothing to complain about. And, you know, I'm thankful for that, too.

Yesterday was my parent's 33rd wedding anniversary. So, The Beloved and I took them out for Day After Thanksgiving festivities. No, we did not go shopping. But we did go to Boston. We had dinner at the Silvertone Bar & Grill, which is just off of Tremont Street about a block past the Common. Dad had some of the best Jerk Chicken ever, Mom had Steak Tips, and The Beloved and I had a couple of tasty burgers. Then, we got into the holiday spirit with the help of the Brian Setzer Orchestra and their 6th Annual Holiday Tour. They were playing at The Orpheum. OK--so, if you EVER have the chance to see these guys play, GO. They are so. Much. Fun. Even The Beloved had fun. My parents had fun. Totally great show. They played arrangements of Christmas songs, they played Stray Cats tunes, they played swing tunes, they played rockabilly. Fun for all!

And now, well, those were my plans for the weekend. I should probably do some laundry so that The Beloved and I have clothes to wear to work next week. We're talking about going to see No Country for Old Men, but The Beloved, I think, has had enough people and would rather order Chinese takeout and build a fire in the fireplace. Both are tempting, I tell you.

As a final note, y'all who are doing NaBloPoMo, hats off! I have a hard time posting once a week. And you guys have been at it every day. Good for you! And those excellent posts--well, just one more thing to be thankful for.

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