NH Sheep & Wool

8:38 PM

Yes, I am well aware that this took place quite a while ago, but that was a busy weekend for me and I'm still trying to catch up! That, and I had to figure out how to get the pictures from my snazzy new camera onto my computer. You didn't realized what kind of learning curve you were working with, did you?

Anyway. I had a good time at NH Sheep & Wool. The weather was gorgeous. I got to eat lamb kabobs (mmmm...lamb kabob...) and wander around and look at whatever I wanted. Which ended up being alpacas, a couple of really, really cute baby angora goats (I almost took them home, but I was pretty sure The Beloved would have killed me), and sheep.




And, naturally, fiber and fiber arts tools. One of the booths had a Kromski Sonata. I think I'm in love. I seriously would have run off with it immediately if I didn't need to watch finances for the road trip to Texas. I want to give it another try. And then, I need somehow to save up for it as The Beloved most definitely does not find it a necessary purchase at this point in time. Sheesh.

I did, however, pick up a new spindle. Isn't she gorgeous?


It's another Golding. I had thought about picking up a Bosworth, but I saw this first and I fell in love. Even Tom said it looked like it wanted to go home with me, and well, when the guy who makes the spindles tells you that...

I also picked up a little bit of fiber to spin with the spindle. Isn't it sweet?


This is about 2 oz. of corriedale from Grafton Fibers. Don't ask me why it isn't spun yet. I was beat with the tired stick upon my return from the road trip and so there's a lot that hasn't been started...

But at least I've caught you up on the NH Sheep & Wool. Next up, photos from Memphis and the breakdown of my road trip to Texas!

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