Still here

5:42 PM

I may be about ready to emerge from my dark place. Maybe just stick my head out and sniff around like a prairie dog or something.

So, anyhow-- here's some of the stuff that's gone on during my moment of silence.

1. Retail therapy. When miserable, shop. Sounds like a good adage, eh? I now own this bag and this digital camera. While they may not make me happy, I have a cool bag and a 12MP camera which is easy to use and takes some sweet pictures. As soon as I get the software loaded on the 'puter, I'll share. I've also bought fiber, yarn, and sheep earrings. And books. And maybe some pants. But the books and pants don't count. Books never count...kind of like sock yarn...and the pants, well, I'm in denial about the weight I've put on, but my jeans weren't working so well for me. So it was necessity and not therapy. I would much rather not have had to buy new pants.

2. Knitting. I've been working more or less diligently on the Beloved's Cobblestone pullover. I'm almost done with the second arm. But then I got distracted. I had to go to a Christian Ed workshop a couple of weeks ago and thought that bringing an entire sweater might be poor taste. Socks just seem more polite in their compactness. At the end of day 1 I was ready to start the toe on the Dublin Bay sock. And it was abundantly clear that I was not going to have enough yarn to finish it. So I started the Child's French Sock from Knitting Vintage Socks. So far, so good. The pattern is quick to pick up and I'm really happy with how it's coming along.

3. Spinning. Yeah. You read me right. I picked up my spindle again. My sister is in the process of theoretically moving her crap out of my house since she now has a job and an assignment to scenic Fort Hood, Texas. In this process, I don't have any suitable place to put my wheel (whine, bitch, moan), but I can use my spindle anywhere. I had forgotten how much fun it is. I bought some fiber at WEBS two weekends ago and am now torn--should I spin it on my wheel or my spindle? Oh, the decisions!

4. Watching TV. I don't watch real TV. Mostly Netflix on-demand (The Beloved and I have gone through a couple of seasons of Sliders and Bullsh!t) or TV series The Beloved has picked up on DVD. We just finished Season 1 of Supernatural. Jensen Ackles has started to grow on me. I might have to make the husbeast pick up Season 2. We picked up The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones vol. 3 this weekend and are working our way through that.

5. Playing Rock Band. Once you start, you start classifying tunes on the radio as Rock Band material. Sad, but true.

6. Grilling. The Beloved and I bought a gas grill a couple of weeks ago (he paid, so it doesn't count as retail therapy). I'm really into grilled pineapple. It's about the best. Thing. Ever. Seriously.

And that's about it. It's almost warm enough to start taking the moped out, and that makes me happy. And next week I'm taking off from work and driving to Texas with my mother. I may be in jail or a psych ward afterwards, so if you don't hear anything... Actually, it shouldn't be that bad. Particularly since my sister is flying out and not driving down with us. We're taking her car and then flying back home. High point of the trip? We're going to Graceland. I can hardly wait. Seriously.

One last bit before I check out and play with fire--I mean, put together a fine repast for my darling husband... If The Crafty Preppy and The Quintessential Procrastinator would be good enough to e-mail me re: Pay it Forward, I'd be grateful. I've procrastinated long enough and am ready to start making stuff again.

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