Holy Cow

8:18 PM

So, today I went maternity shopping. I didn't buy very much, because my aunt recently dropped off a number of lightweight dresses without waists, which I hope will see me through the end of the summer. But the time has come that my regular clothes don't fit so well any more.

And I needed a body pillow because I've started having wicked hip/lower back pain.

Anyway. I went to the maternity store in the mall, as I needed to be fit for a maternity bra. The clerk asked my pre-pregancy size, so I told her. She measured my band size, and that hasn't changed. She measured my bust size and goes, "Oh, my!"

Well. That can't be good. And it wasn't. Apparently, I am measuring a 36F. Yeah. At 14 weeks. They didn't have any bras that large at the shop--I had to come home and order them online. At least if they don't fit, I can return them. But, holy cow. If this keeps up, I'm going to have a hard time getting out of bed or standing upright for long periods of time.

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