America's Next Top Model?

10:14 PM

I took the Tadpole to Sears today to have portraits made. She is, after all, nine weeks old and quite a lady. Hey--pictures don't lie:


We have smiling pictures, too:


I think I may have the cutest baby in the world...but I admit a definite bias here.

We've been busy. Every week we go to a new parent group on Mondays and we "play" with some other little girls (2 and under) from church on Fridays. We have other little adventures to the library or the mall or downtown during the week. I'm amazed at how much fun I'm having and am a bit sad that maternity leave comes to an end in two weeks.


The Tadpole has a spot beginning July 6 at the daycare center at my church. This, of course, does not help me going back to work in two weeks.

My employer has not yet confirmed whether I will be able to come back on a part-time basis until July. Which now means that I cannot give two weeks notice if part-time is no longer an acceptable option.

I'm very torn. I never intended to quit my job when I got pregnant. But I've really enjoyed being home with my little girl and watching her grow. I don't want to miss things like her rolling over for the first time, her learning to sit up on her own, her first steps, because I'm sitting in a cubicle abstracting. So, if I have to quit, I'm OK with it, but I wish it felt less like having to choose between what will work for my family and my employment--particularly in these precarious economic times.

Que sera sera, I guess.

In other news, I've been knitting on occasion, but have nothing to show for it. I started knitting a little jumper (the dress kind, not the sweater kind) for the Tadpole. At this rate, she can use it if she ever has a daughter. I'm thinking if she starts napping again (HA), I might be able to finish it and she may even get to wear it once before she grows out of it.

The next thing I make for her will be at least two sizes larger than her current size.

She's cool, though. And I even bought her a hat because I knew I wouldn't have time to finish an appropriate one before Easter:


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