Still here :)

12:28 PM

Really. I am. Well, mostly.

I'm actually finding it easier to Twitter with The Tadpole. Finding the time to sit down and compose a thought--much less translate that into a blog post--is proving much more difficult than I thought. Actually, lots of things are much more difficult than I thought they would be, but I wouldn't change it for anything.

The Tadpole is now just over 5 months old. A wee little froggie, she is... only maybe not so wee and little anymore! At her 4 month checkup she had more than doubled her birthweight. As I type, she's sitting up in the borrowed Bumbo chair and playing with her bunny, Roadkill. Yesterday, I think I felt the bumps of first teeth on her bottom gums.

She can roll over and babble and has her Daddy and me wrapped around her chubby little fingers.


I've been back at work full-time since she was 12 weeks old. A space opened up at our preferred daycare facility the week before I was scheduled to go back, which everyone but me thought was a blessing. I've had very mixed feelings about being back. On the one hand, I occasionally appreciate the break--The Tadpole can be very intense. On the other hand, I'm gone for way too many hours a day. I feel like I'm missing too much. The Beloved and I are not confident enough in the economy or the job market to feel comfortable with my quitting, but with the rising cost of gas and tolls and the price of full-time daycare, we're also wondering how much sense it makes for me to continue working in order to pay for daycare... Ah, the proverbial rock and hard place.

Last weekend we took her to her first ball game. We went to see the Seadogs play. She watched the game intently--The Beloved said she needed to text her bookie (must be the Italian). My sweet girl...

I took pictures but seem to have lost the freaking wire as my house has been overtaken with crap. So, until I find it, my camera is effectively useless. Ah, technology is great. I dream of someone coming along and setting my house on fire so I could just freaking start over.

I've been knitting when I find the time. Which isn't often. Between work and the busy baby, I'm lucky if I can arrange for us to have clean underwear. But The Tadpole still sleeps in our room and has decided that she doesn't like to sleep alone. So, often, I'll get a little knitting done in the short bit of time between her going to sleep and my going to sleep. I've been working on a little cardigan for the Tadpole, but found that the sleeve knit to pattern is too tight for my little porkchop. I'll be ripping that out and redoing--hopefully it won't take too long and she'll be able to wear the little sweater at least once.

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