The Knitting Backlog

7:27 PM

I've decided that what I really want for my upcoming anniversary (8 years of wedded bliss, can you believe it???) is a knitting vacation. You know, where I don't have to do anything--work, housework, child care, etc. and can sit and knit. I need this. And when I share with you the projects that lie in various states around my house, I'm sure you'll agree.

I'm not going to count the dishcloth. I've always got one on the needles that I should be keeping in my purse or the diaper bag in case of emergencies. Like when C falls asleep in the car and she needs a nap so badly that there is no way in hell I'm going to chance waking her up by bringing her in the house. I could probably move something else into that spot, but the beauty of the dishcloth is that I don't care if anything happens to it while it lives in my purse...I'd be sad if something were to happen to a pair of socks or even the baby legwarmers.

Anyway, I've got going:

A Noro Striped Scarf (1/2 finished)
A pair of baby legwarmers in sock yarn (1/2 finished)
Owlet sweater (needs one sleeve, a cuff on the other sleeve, and button-eyes)
Baby Bloomers (getting ready to start the legs)
A pair of sleep socks (1 leg finished--debating on whether to turn these into legwarmers for C or frog them)
Aviatrix Baby Hat
Dubliner Socks (almost 1/2 finished)

I'm sure there's more unfinished stuff floating around, but this is all that comes to mind right now. Most of it has not made its way to Ravelry because I'd have to document and take pictures and it's all just so stressful.

Not to mention the three Rockin' Sock Club packages sitting on my dining room table. And yarn for two pairs of longies, two skirties, and some more soakers.

And we're not even going to talk about the possibilities for stash yarn, which I'm going to have to deal with sooner rather than later because we're again discussing the possibility of moving C into her own room...after I clean all of my crap out of it, strip the wallpaper, and paint it.

When I informed The Beloved of my need for a knitting vacation, he laughed. Apparently, we will be celebrating our anniversary with some new stainless steel pans. Which, you know, is great, but doesn't help me catch up at all.

Do your unfinished objects cause you stress? Mine do. Mostly because I used to be a one project girl. But now, well, you'll have to excuse me while I cast on for another pair of longies...

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