Midweek Cooking

8:30 AM

Next Tuesday, The Beloved and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary. Eight years--crazy, eh? I'd like to make something nice for dinner, but I have NO IDEAS.

Here's the deal:

Both of us work. I usually get home first, after picking up Miss C from daycare. I prepare dinner, do some light housework, and try to keep my overtired, non-napping baby from melting down. Some days she does well enough to eat dinner with her father and I when he gets home from work. Some nights I know when I'm beat, so I make her a scrambled egg, give her a bath, and get her to bed as quickly as humanly possible.

I have no way of telling what sort of day next Tuesday will be. I only know that it will involve me going to work, getting home around 5:30, and having to put dinner together.

The Beloved's favorite food is lasagna. I have lasagna made and frozen in the freezer, so that is always a possibilty. But I feel kind of lame making him a frozen dinner for our anniversary. And he is absolutely no help in the matter--we do our grocery shopping on Sunday afternoons and when I plan out our meals for the week I ask him what he wants. "Oh, whatever. I don't care." SO HELPFUL.

So I got nothing. Hopefully, you can help. What are your favorite "special" meals that can come together quickly?

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