10:06 AM

Lookit what I have:

C and Dolly

Yes, it's blurry. Yes, it's a bad picture. But that? My friends? Is what three looks like. Three is perpetual motion. Three is smiles and screams, hugs and tantrums, all rolled up into a whirling dervish of blue eyes and curly hair.

Two seemed so much more...pensive.

But I have a good feeling about three. Three brings us to the start of early preschool next week. Three brings us some sight reading. Three brings us tons of imagination and a love of princess dresses, crowns, dollies, doggies, and lollipops.

Three is going to be fun.

Note: The doll in the first picture is a 10-inch jointed Waldorf Style Doll from Making Friends on Etsy. If you're in the market for this type of doll, I highly recommend them.

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