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DSCF1198 by saisquoi
DSCF1198, a photo by saisquoi on Flickr.

I knit something! This is a Shinkan-zen shawlette. It knit up really fast--in two weeks of occasional knitting.

Yarn Pirate merino/tencel Ceres colorway on size 4 addis. I had my doubts when it was knitting up because it sort of stripes and pools. But I'm very happy with the end results.

Next up for traveling knitting is a TGV, also in Yarn Pirate--this time the Zephyr colorway on the merino/bamboo base.

I also have a sweater for C I should finish before she outgrows it--but I've had a devil of a time picking up the stitches for the sleeves. I've also got yarn for probably two other cardigans for her. And yarn for some BIG SHAWLS for me.

But the single skein shawlettes are working really well for me and my attention span right now.

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