Fun With Cats

9:23 PM

...Not. Today they brought me a little too much excitement. I came into my bedroom to find that one of the little darlings apparently got confused and thought my bed would work as a substitute for the litter box. This is my prime suspect:

Yes, this is Polly. Polly of the expensive emergency trip to the vet two weeks ago. I tell you, it's a good thing she's cute because she was very nearly dead. But, instead of killing the cat, I decided to take the high road. In fact, I took the high road straight to Marshalls for some emergency shopping.

Her accident (I'm assuming that's what it was, and not an act of utter maliciousness) has effectively rendered my down comforter useless. I could take it to the dry cleaners, but since several layers of bedding were, um, wet when I found them, I do not have positive feelings. The comforter led a good life and is now going to be unceremoniously retired. Spring is coming, so I don't feel as though I need a new one immediately; however, it's not warm enough for us to entirely relinquish the heavier blanket. Fortunately, we had a backup in the closet. Unfortunately, it's white. Hence, the emergency trip to Marshalls where I found this for $25.

It's taupe. I don't know how much more boring I could have gotten--but there weren't all that many choices (chocolate and red were the also-rans) and I really didn't feel like hitting every shop in town at 8:00 PM. While I do enjoy shopping for home decor, it can be quite trying. The Beloved and I do not have similar tastes. I can be 90% sure that anything I choose, he'll hate--and vice-versa. Praise Jesus, he doesn't mind the taupe. In fact, he's happy because it matches the current decor of the room. Perhaps he only likes it because I bought it solely out of need and not because I find it attractive in the slightest.

And because I felt deserving of some extra-special treatment, I got myself a present--isn't it cute? The Beloved says it should have "Get It Here" embroidered across the front instead of the flowers. What a charmer!

With all the excitement, there hasn't been much time for knitting. Which is OK. I feel less guilty about leaving the Blue Lagoon Blanket wadded up in a ball on the corner of the couch. I did do some work tonight--on a gauge swatch for a baby sweater. The blanket called me names and questioned my fidelity. I promised it I would knit on it during "movie night" this week. Hopefully that will placate it for the time being....

In the meantime, there is only one way to end a day such as this. Yes, you guessed it. An evening with my favorite patriot:

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