It's not even a full moon

11:27 AM

But it is the end of the semester. Maybe it's the same sort of thing.

So. Yesterday the nice young man who services the projector installed in our conference room (the closest thing we have to a "high-tech" classroom at the school where I am employed) came in to, well, service the damned thing and make it work. He vacuumed it (the foolish thing was full of dust and nastiness), checked it out to make sure it was happy (it was a little hot), gave it a nice pat on the head and left. As far as I know, the thing was working like a charm when he left.

Is it working this morning? No. Of course not. Why would it?

I suspect the bulb has decided to go. Mostly because the red "Lamp" light is on. It turns on and works for about three minutes and then goes out. Great.

There's a candidate here interviewing for a faculty position--I think in graphic design. The candidate would like to be able to show her work. The committee would like to see her work. I can't make the damned projector work. Double-great.

Now, we do have a small, portable projector. And a laptop. So, theoretically, the candidate can hook up to that and go. It's not as nice or as powerful, but it will work. Fortunately, the Dean just stopped by (he is a very nice and reasonable man) and I let him know what's going on. He thinks that the small projector will be just fine, and commended me on my quick thinking. Hah. If only he knew.

All of this drama is, of course, following on the heels of an amazingly bad night at job #2 last night. Every time I go there, I get crazier and crazier. Is it worth all the aggravation? Probably not. But I'm extraordinarily stubborn and I really, really, really want to see this last project through before I leave. God give me strength.

You know, I know that we all go through times like this. What are your solutions--or means of coping when there simply is no solution?

On a happier note, the Dream Swatch will be finished today. It's measuring in at just over 40 inches, and while I still have some yarn left, my head really isn't all that big. So, the plan is to cast off at lunchtime (in about 45 minutes), weave in the ends when I get home, wet block it overnight, and voila, something beautiful for tomorrow to get me through another day of sheer hell at job #2. Pictures tonight!

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