One Down!

7:54 AM

One to go. Don't worry. It is, in fact, started. Even though I bought more sock yarn yesterday. *Sigh*

I'm currently in the midst of a major dilemma, though. This weekend is the Knit & Crochet Show up the road in Manchester. I had planned on going simply because Grafton Fibers will be one of the vendors. And, to be honest, I covet that fiber. I dream about it at night. My spinning is probably not at a point to do it justice at all, but I could keep it in my fiber basket and pat it. (Stephanie spun some up recently. Look here and here to gaze upon hers.) Besides, driving 45 minutes to go and look at yarn and fiber-y things is a perfectly reasonable way to spend a Saturday.

Except. I just found out I have a job interview next week for a position in the town in which I reside. Yes, Virginia, that would mean zero commute for Saisquoi. It's only half-time, but zero commute. I could ride my bike to work, weather permitting. Or the moped :) This is very appealing. Unfortunately, all of my "professional" looking dresses were purchased prior to the rather drastic weight loss I've experienced in the last six months or so. They are all rather large. I've got some summery dresses that fit (after all, I had to wear something in Chicago), but they really don't work for this particular situation. Halter dress at an interview? I don't think so. It is a librarian job, after all.

So, what's a girl to do? Get by with what I've got and go buy beautiful fiber? Or spend Saturday looking for something "appropriate" and not ill-fitting? I can't believe I'm actually bitching about the prospect of buying clothes. I'd just mentally allocated those funds elsewhere and am a little put out about the change in plans...

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