Crisis averted.

8:04 PM

Well, maybe. I took what seemed to be the consensus and went shopping early and now have an outfit for my interview next week. No shoes yet--but I've still got time to worry about that. Here's what I've got--beige ankle-length linen skirt and blue short sleeved linen/eyelet blouse. Nice and conservative. Good librarian gear. I really like the blouse. What I don't like is my current figure. So, I've lost weight from around my middle and my rear but not from, erm, up top. In fact, they seem to be getting bigger. So, while I'm now happily wearing a size 10 skirt, the buttons were popping on the size large blouse. Apparently, my chest needs about a 2XL, even though the rest hangs something awful. So I did something I never thought I would do. Ever. I bought a Minimizer Bra. It was terribly distressing. But I now fit into a large blouse. And the buttons don't gap.

The Beloved, naturally, is calling me on all my whinging. "I bet when you were young, you would have killed to have large..." Yeah. This is called be careful what you wish for because it just may come to pass. God help me should I ever become pregnant. I probably won't be able to stand up straight.

It is a pretty blouse, though. The eyelets and the collar and the color... it all works for me. I think it will be just fine on Wednesday. Provided I can find adequate shoes. Naturally, I also have a backup. It's bright, screaming pink with three-quarter sleeves. Also linen. Also quite nice. I'll wear it if it's cold. Or if I decide against showing my arms.

I also picked up a non-interview shirt for fun. Because it was too cool to pass up. It has skulls on it. I'm thinking of wearing it to work tomorrow. And maybe, just maybe, to the Knit and Crochet Show. You see, I figure if I can get out of work early enough (the rest of the office closes at 2:30 and I may just head out with them), I can go over to Manchester from Concord before going home, thus saving gas. And maybe, just maybe, I can squeeze out enough money for something pretty from Grafton Fibers. Yippee!

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