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I love rationalizing. I can rationalize just about anything--particularly if it's fiber-related.

Last week I heard some rather disturbing news at work. It seems there was an attempted break-in at some point during the previous weekend. You can see where someone tried to force the door on my side of the building. Apparently they also tried another door and failed. I'm currently working as a consultant for a religious library. The library is located in a building owned by the New Hampshire Conference, UCC and shared by that organization, my library, and the NH Bible Society and the NH Council of Churches. That's right--the once-and-future thieves tried to break into church offices. We assume the miscreants were either kids with vandalism on their deviant minds, or individuals trying to make off with the computers and other other office equipment.

As a consultant, I can more or less make up my own hours. The Library Board likes me to be consistent so that I can help patrons as well as catalog their collection, but, as an independent contractor, I've got some leeway. My hours had been Wednesday evenings and all day on Friday, but those hours left me alone in the building for long stretches of time (during the week, the UCC staff leaves at 4:30 and they close the office at 2:30 on Fridays during the summer). This has never been a problem in the past because...well...it's a church office in New Hampshire. I always felt safe. Now? Not so much. So, on Friday when the UCC ladies checked out for the afternoon, I decided to do the same. That meant I had time after work to check out the Knit and Crochet Show in Manchester--about half an hour down the road. I had to go. There was no sense in staying at the office waiting for burglars, and I was saving money by going from work and then home rather than making a special trip on Saturday. Besides, I was no longer worried about going to my interview naked, since I had picked out an outfit on Thursday [Marianne: the clothes came from my favorite boutique--Marshalls.]

So, off I went to Manchester. And I high-tailed it to the Grafton Fibers booth. I did look at other things, but I was really a woman on a mission. I wanted this fiber. And, I think we can all agree that it was more than worth the trip. I picked up two batts (3.5-4 ounces each) in this gorgeous coral colorway. Don't ask what they're going to become; I haven't got the faintest idea. It will be yarn. And I will knit something from the yarn. But, truth be told, I'm not confident enough in my spinning to tackle it just yet. And since I haven't actually ever thought out a project from fiber selection to spinning to knitting and all, I really haven't got a clue. But that doesn't change the fact that this here corriedale is about the prettiest stuff I've ever seen and I do hope to do it justice.

I also picked up some absolutely darling buttons. They've got little bears on them! Remember the Haiku sweater I was knitting, well, months ago before I got bored with it and set it aside? The one we're not currently talking about? Well, the child for whom I originally started it will now be too big to wear it by the time I'm done. So I'll have to knit something else for her. But Baby K, the recipient of the English Mesh Lace Christening Shawl, is still small enough that the sweater will fit her--eventually. Woo-hoo! Anyway. The sweater was going to need buttons eventually and I think that these will work just fine. The buttons are handmade ceramic, made in South Africa, and were purchased from AffectionKnit. They are also machine washable (yippee!) so long as the garment is turned inside out. Yes, the buttons cost more than the yarn did for the sweater (particularly since the yarn came to me from my sister's stash so I didn't actually buy it at all), but they are just too cute for words.

Anyhow. I'm glad I went. I could easily have spent more money, but since I'm currently underemployed I'm trying not to do that if I can help it. Sometimes it's very hard. The only thing I didn't buy that I'm regretting now is a Lexie Barnes knitting bag. They are so cool and they were marked way down for the event. But, I had a hard time choosing which style I really wanted, and, truth be told, I need a new bag like I need a hole in my head. But....they are soooo cool. And I'd use it. I know I would. Still--I promised myself no new bags until I had effectively dealt with the closet full of bags I no longer use. Sigh.

All in all it's been a good weekend. Except that I seem to have misplaced the keys to my moped. Which means it's time to do some picking up to see if I can't locate them under one of the many piles of crap that have taken over each and every room of my house. So I'm off to clean and tidy...and then perhaps go shoe shopping, because I haven't figured that part of my interview outfit out yet. Granted, I need shoes like I need another bag, but....

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