What happened to fall?

10:25 AM

So, it's supposed to be close to 90 degrees today. September 25. Never mind the fact that I don't like it when the temperature tops 80 in the summer. It's fall now. I want the leaves to change and I want to wear sweaters. I do not want to be sweating like a water buffalo during my interview this afternoon.

Yes, apparently EBSCO works fast. I'll be interviewing with them at 3:00 this afternoon. According to the Humanities Abstracting manager, I'll fill out paperwork when I get there (application, references, background check--all very standard). Then I'll meet with her and whoever else is on the interviewing team. Then, after the interview, I'll have an abstracting test and a proofing test. Needless to say, sleep was elusive last night. I feel like I'm going to a final exam for which I failed to study. Not that the process doesn't make perfect sense--I'm applying to be an Abstractor. They need to know if I can do it or not. It's just created the greatest opportunity for my social anxiety and my inner grade pig to become fast friends. The Beloved will be glad when this is over. And, quite frankly, so will I.

Whining out of the way, I hope this goes well. I mean, I can always stay where I am, but I'm tired of working two low-paying jobs without benefits 45-60 minutes away from my house. And I'm tired of waiting for the college to step up and "do the right thing" by either paying me a decent hourly wage or by giving me enough hours so that I qualify for benefits. It's like they think librarianship is a form of masochism. Which maybe it is. It all just makes me so very tired. Which makes me feel whiny. So I'll stop. Really.

Thank you for your comments about Polly and getting a second opinion. It makes me feel a little less mental. We saw yet another vet yesterday (the third we've seen at this practice), and no mention of Kitty Diet Food was made. They wanted to do an ultrasound, but she's not currently holding enough in her bladder to make that possible, so we're back to an extended round of antibiotics (2 weeks instead of 10 days). I may let them do the ultrasound after this round of drugs, just to make sure they haven't missed anything. The other option is for her to get a referral to Internal Medicine, which doesn't thrill me at all. However, none of us really want to go through this for a third time if we can help it. In the meantime, I'm trying to see if there's anyone in the area who specializes in large breed cats so that I've got someone in place for a second opinion if necessary.

If I'm this bad about my cat, does it mean I'll be absolutely psychotic if we ever have kids?

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