Good News, Bad News

7:20 PM

So, the good news is I've gotten a lot of knitting done lately! I've finished my picot socks knit with Yarn Pirate Calamity. They just need to be washed and blocked. I'm also nearly finished with the body of the Alpaca Silk Shrug--I've got about 20 rows left on the last sleeve, then seaming, then the six-inch ruffle.

The bad news? I can't show any of them to you. I've misplaced my freaking camera. Sigh.

This has been pretty much par for the course for me this past week or two.

A week ago today, I left for work at 7:30. Only I picked up the wrong set of keys, locking myself out of my house and my car. Yes, I felt smart. Particularly when The Beloved had to drive home from work--45 minutes away--to let me in. Did I mention how smart I felt?

Then The Beloved asked (very nicely) if he could have a night to raid on freakin' WoW. Yeah. This made me happy. But since I don't want to be the shrew wife who tells him, no, no hobbies for you, Computer Man, we agreed on a night. The deal was, I give him Friday Night for raiding and he reads chapter 11 of this book for me. I'm striving for the delusion that we will at least be speaking the same language vis-a-vis certain topics.

And add to all that fun the fact that I've just been extremely out of sorts. I'm not sure if it's my bad week or if it's seasonal depression or if it's something else. I'm just exceedingly moody and not desirous of getting out of bed in the morning. Meh.

The only thing I can think that could possibly help is to start a new knitting project. So, as soon as the body of the shrug is finished, I'll wind this yarn up:


and begin some new socks. I'm thinking about knitting these socks (scroll down, they're there) with that tasty merino/tencel yarn. And as soon as I finish the ASS, er, Alpaca Silk Shrug, I'll start on the Cobblestone Sweater for my darling spouse. So, I'm hoping that those will suffice as glimmers of hope on the horizon.

On an unrelated note...well, maybe related, because the activity tickles me just a bit, I have two to Pay it Forward: The Crafty Preppy; and The Quintessential Procrastinator! In six to nine months, you will each receive something handmade from me! I'll be in touch shortly. But the rest of you--notice that I've only got two people for whom to make something! That means there is room for one more! So, the next person who leaves a comment and wants to pay some handmade gift goodness forward will be in. If you've got questions as to what in the hell I'm talking about, read the bottom half of this post.

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